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Search Results for: herbal medicine in philippines for uti

Herbal Plants in the Philippines

herbal plants philippines

...utay.htm Incoming search terms: calamansi leaves herbal medicine calamansi leaves bigboos net calamansi leaves as herbal medicine calamansi herbal medicine Herbal Plants in the Philippines poem on medicinal plants in hindi herbal medicine for cough in the philippines WWW... Read More »

Home Remedies for UTI


...P Incoming search terms: ebola garlic herbal plants for uti in the philippines Hands eare and w... Read More »

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

CAM - Complementary and Alternative Medicine

...t you find an internal medicine doctor who can regularly follow up your problem. Inform him or her the “natural medicines” that you are taking so that they will not conflict with conventional drugs he or she may prescribe or that he or she can maintain the natural medicines if you are responding well to them. Image  credits: (1) Incoming search terms: benefits of trees in hindi language uses of trees in hindi herbal medicine for uti in the philip... Read More »

DOH Approved 10 Herbal Medicines in the Philippines – Preparation and Usage


...ional government envisions a public which puts health responsibility in their very own hands, the advocacy of using the DOH approved 10 herbal medicines promotes the use of locally available resources as well as encourages the participation of the public in the management of various health conditions. Here are the DOH approved 10 herbal medicines in the Philippines, their preparation, and usage: Lagundi. For dysentery and body pains, three glasse... Read More »

Common Illnesses in the Philippines


...r flu and dengue fever. Although these are also common illnesses worldwide , many of these are common illnesses in the Philippines attributed by Filipino’s lifestyle. What  are those ? Lack of Exercise. Filipinos are hardworking people but still they lack exercise. Many Pinoys consider household chores as a form of exercise resulting them not to even a 15 minute routine exercise a day or don’t even bothering going to gym. In connection, studies s... Read More »

Home Remedies for (UTI) Urinary Tract Infection

UTI for women

...nd caffeine containing foods and beverages that might irritate and aggravate an infection. These are simple yet informative home remedies for UTI that can help you prevent or eliminate the progress of infection. But don’t forget that consulting you family physician is an option if you know that symptoms already persist. Image credits (1) Incoming search terms: philippine herbal medicine for uti uti herbal medicine philippines constipation home ti... Read More »

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